A note to our community about “A Tiny Bit Huge”


For those of you hearing about A Tiny Bit Huge for the first time.

You might want to watch this video. For the rest of you skip down to the note.



By this time tomorrow, our grand experiment will end.

We started this campaign as a way to try to make a difference in our city. A way to counteract the forces of a growing city with population shifts that don’t necessarily support our growing arts community and diminishing sources of federal grants. A way to focus on the positives and intrigue art fans from further away than the seacoast to attend our events, buy our art, tour our museums, and eat at our restaurants. Eventually (we hope) attracting people who are art fans to move here and help grow the population in a way that balances the scales. This was a way to open a dialogue and it’s done that (Definitely). We’ve learned a lot as ArtSpeak and remain as determined as ever to try to help, unify and support the community. But it’s also showed that support within our community comes with limits, a little suspicion, and conflicting beliefs about how best to grow. We’ll work it out, we are determined that positive action can trump negativity and fighting.

Based on the donations and small number of backers. We’ll have to scale back our initial vision of how we use A Tiny Bit Huge but in this last day please consider donating (even a dollar) to show you’re out there and you want to work on the bigger issues that our community of arts and culture face. We promise to take the money we raised to date and do what we’ve always done with our funding, support the city’s arts & cultural community.

Our immediate plans for A Tiny Bit Huge, is to build a homegrown site, with a simple way to share the communities stories, a simple shop that sells some items “as is” with no customization and we’ll be working with area retailers to stock some of the merchandise. We think it may still have potential to attract tourist dollars and convert it into operating funds for our organization. We’d like to still see if even if our community doesn’t support the effort, maybe the effort can still support us.

Thanks to those who saw the the possibilities of the idea, focused on the positive and jumped in to help. Hopefully, you’ll hold up the slogan as it was meant to be a fun humble brag with hidden truth about how we are as HUGE as we believe ourselves to be.

Board President,

Mike Teixeira

One of your biggest fans

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