“There’s a general lack of understanding about what the visual arts are. It’s often relegated to something trivial and frivolous. It has a tremendous impact on this area financially, as well as on our quality of life.” -Cathy Sununu


Art, Culture and the Economy

The Portsmouth business community has long recognized the value of arts and culture in the city through its support of local organizations and sponsorship of cultural events. In fact, many businesses locate in this area  because of the cultural opportunities and their attraction to employees. As the Portsmouth economy diversifies, it is important to both continue and create partnerships among cultural organizations and businesses. Such cross promotion of Portsmouth as a culturally diverse and rich place to work and live benefits both the business and arts communities.

Are you looking for a way to attract new talent to the area, enrich your work environment, or invest in the economic growth of the city? Then let’s talk!

Looking for opportunities to become  a corporate partner?

  • Public Art Projects
  • Cultural Event Sponsorship
  • Cultural Program Underwriting
  • Community Building

The City of Portsmouth

The City of Portsmouth has invested in a long-term commitment of supporting arts and culture.

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