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Art-Speak was born out of the City’s desire to support Portsmouth’s arts, historical, and cultural sector following a recommendation by the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Arts and Culture in the 2002 Portsmouth Cultural Plan.


Today, ArtSpeak is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves as an advisor to all departments of city government on arts and cultural issues.

We strive to administer the art & cultural needs of the of the city. From conducting forums to understand the community’s positions, to organizing RFPs for new art opportunities, to building consensus between parties we work to serve the people of Portsmouth and it’s citizens.

ArtSpeak also serves to enhance Portsmouth’s cultural community, which includes nonprofit arts, historical and cultural organizations, individual artists, citizens, and businesses, as well as its economy through arts and cultural programs and initiatives.

Read about Art-Speak’s accomplishments through our annual State of the Arts address to City Council.

State of the Arts 2015;  State of the Arts 2014;  State of the Arts 2013


The City of Portsmouth

The City of Portsmouth has invested in a long-term commitment of supporting arts and culture.

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