Economic Impact

When a huge crowd on the way to a park concert is laughing and talking as they purchase drinks, pay for parking, and pick up an extra bottle of sunscreen, you feel the city growing. Arts & Culture generates millions of dollars in revenue for Portsmouth each year.

Portsmouth’s arts and cultural sector is a crucial economic asset that supports thousands of jobs, benefits business and helps grow Portsmouth’s economy. When you calculate the spending by arts and cultural organizations and their audiences, and how these dollars flow through Portsmouth’s economy, the impact is significant.

$58 million total positive economic impact in 2016

Art-Speak, in partnership with Americans for the Arts, conducts the Arts & Economic Prosperity Survey every five years. This survey provides economic data which highlights the revenue Portsmouth’s arts and cultural organizations and their audiences generate.

The last survey was in 2011, at that time the positive economic impact of arts and culture in the Portsmouth region was $41.4 million.

The survey accounts for the dollars arts and cultural organizations spend to stage performances, produce exhibits, and pay salaries. It is also includes spending by the audiences they attract at local restaurants, hotels and retail shops. As those dollars make their way through the economy, they trigger additional rounds of indirect spending that further positively impact Portsmouth’s economy.

Thousands of jobs created thanks to Arts & Culture

Portsmouth’s arts and cultural organizations generate thousands of jobs. These are jobs that provide paychecks not just to cultural staffers, but also to independent artists, designers and musicians; marketers, accountants and consultants; construction workers; chefs; bartenders and others.

Employees’ income helps support our economy

The income generated by those work on behalf of our arts and cultural organizations circulates within our community. It is used to buy groceries, pay rent and utilities, to dine out and for many other purposes.

How can we help?

Art Speak, can work with the city to record this growth and to help form partnerships between nonprofits and private organizations that will harness the momentum that the arts can generate.

If you are looking for ways to partner with someone in the arts and culture community or if you need stats for your next presentation Art Speak can help.